Morrisons £7 ruby port has won the highest prize that can be given to a wine

Morrisson's ruby port
(Pictures: Morrissons)

Port is (arguably, when you count Baileys and sherry) the most Christmassy drink.

Its ideal in front of a roaring fire and some classic sitcoms, and is traditional at the end of a meal.

Its even better when you can get an award-winning one with enough change from a tenner to get a couple of festive bakes.

Morrisons own-brand ruby port fits that bill, after the £7 tipple won a platinum accolade at the annual Decanter Awards.

Platinum is the highest level available in each category, and is supposed to signify the absolute best of the best.

Morrisons beat the likes of Taylors, who got a silver for their Very Old Single Harvest from 1968 which costs £189.99 a bottle.

According to the supermarket, they developed the beverage with the The Symingtons Family Estate in Portugal, and they say it has chocolate and cherry notes.

It got a score of 97 out of 100, and the tasting notes from Decanter say Unbelievable value, a must buy! Beautifully dense plummy fruit, sweet, fleshy, complex and ripe with a lovely grippy edge. A soft palate with a great length, rather serious for a ruby!

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Well, we all like a grippy edge with our after dinner drinks, dont we?

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