Two slices of Christmas cake could push you over the drink-drive limit

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Christmas cake is the best. Boozy, stodgy, festive deliciousness. But if youre planning on driving, then you may want to take it easy.

Experts have warned that just two slices of the brandy-drenched dessert could put you over the legal drink-driving limit.

And it would be all too easily done. If youve had a single glass of wine or a beer, you might think youre fine – forgetting about the healthy dose of spirit in the cake. Not to mention the dollop of brandy butter on the side.

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The research, conducted by All Car Leasing, suggested that drivers need to think about what they eat as much as what they drink, to avoid getting into trouble and putting their safety at risk.

What is the UK drink-driving limit?

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the limit is 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood.

In Scotland the limit is 50mg per 100ml of blood.

And it wasnt only the cake that festive foodies need to be wary of.

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The research looked into a variety of items often found on Christmas menus, and they discovered that a number of items are more boozy than most people realise.

The experts found that most people also have a single drink with their meal, which in combination with the food could definitely push them over the limit.

So its really important to look at the overall picture of your alcohol consumption over Christmas – the danger of potential drink-driving extends beyond declining a second glass of fizz.

Other boozy Christmas food

Bloody Mary prawn cocktail – 0.34 units

Chicken liver parfait with brandy – 0.1 units

Glazed carrots – 0.1 units

“Drunken” brussel sprouts – 1.5 units

Red wine gravy – 1.9 units

Cranberry and port sauce – 0.3 units

Christmas cake with brandy butter – 1.15 units

Christmas fruit cake – 0.33 units

Traditional mince pies – 0.14 units

Chocolate truffles – 0.04 units

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