What is Bird Box about and why do the characters wear blindfolds?

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Bird Box

Bird Box (Picture: Merrick Morton/Netflix)

Bird Box is the latest Netflix craze to hit and its going down a treat with fans.

The horror movie has been scaring audiences silly since it debuted on the streaming service last week.

Starring Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Trevante Rhodes and John Malkovich, it is based on Josh Malermans novel of the same name.

So what is it all about?

Bird Box is set in a post-apocalyptic future where residents have to stay blindfolded to protest themselves from an unseen force which threatens their lives.

Bird Box

Sandra Bullock spends much of Bird Box blindfolded (Picture: Netflix)

Sandra Bullock takes the lead as Malorie, the woman determined to protect her children from the unseen monsters at any cost.

Why do we never see any monsters?

The movie has left viewers with a whole load of questions – including the one of why we never actually see a single monster during the movie, even though they are the central focus.



Still baffled? Well, as director Susanne Bier has explained, its because the creatures appear in very different forms to everybody who sees them.

The creatures mess with your mind; they tap into your deepest fear, the director explained to Radio Times.

And, because they tap into your deepest fear, we cant ever see them, because that deepest fear is going to be different whoever you are.

Bird Box

Remember folks, its what you dont see…(Picture: Netflix)

She added: For me, the most exciting point in any thriller has always been that point right before you see the monster, right before you see the villain.

That has always been the most frightening, and I wanted the whole movie to have that atmosphere.

Will there be a sequel?

Its proven so popular that naturally viewers are already asking whether a sequel could possibly happen – but could it?

Well the official answer is that Netflix has yet to confirm whether or not they have plans for a follow-up.

Theres no official sequel to the book either – although author Malermans 2017 novel Black Mad Wheel is along similar lines.

Whereas Bird Box focused on its victims being driven mad by what they could see, Black Mad Wheel is about a group of musicians who have to try and track down the source of a mysterious and debilitating sound.

In other words, this ones an assault on another one of the senses – except this time its hearing which is being targeted rather than sight.

Bird Box

Could there be scope for a follow-up? (Picture: Netflix)

Could that one be turned into a movie too? Well were not aware of any plans at the moment, but you never know.



Whether or not Bird Box does get a follow-up, it hasnt escaped viewers notice that the ending is a little different from the source material, with director Susanne Bier explaining the changes.

The movie is slightly more positive, she pointed out.

The book also has a kind of positive ending and I would not have wanted to do an apocalyptic movie that didnt have a hopeful ending.

Where can I watch Bird Box?

The movie is available to stream now on Netflix UK.



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