EastEnders spoilers: Ray Kelly threatens Louise Mitchell when she accuses him of making a pass

(Picture: BBC)

Louise Mitchell finds herself in a dangerous situation when she crosses Ray Kelly in EastEnders.

Louise is devastated when Keanu tells her their kiss meant nothing and was a huge mistake, and she takes the news pretty badly. Later, she reaches out to him again only to receive a short shrift, and shes left stung by his nasty words.

Feeling crushed, she heads over to see Mel, but Ray is the one to answer the door as Mel isnt in. He invites her in and the two get chatting, he pays her compliments and flatters her. Misreading the situation, and with their previous flirtation in her mind, she leans in for a kiss. Horrified, he sends her packing.

(picture: BBC)

As new year celebrations dawn at the Vic, Louise wants to join in the party and asks Bex to buy her alcohol. But the teen cant handle her booze and ends up making a scene in front of both Keanu and Ray – and publicly accusing Ray of coming on to her.

After Louise has had her fill of partying she heads home, only to be followed by Ray. Seizing the opportunity he preys on the vulnerable teen and issues her with a dark threat over her accusation, leaving her petrified. How will she respond to what hes threatening? Will she be getting dad Phil involved to sort Ray out?

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