Morgan Freeman Reviews 2018 Viral Video Proves To Be Fake

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Everyone loves Morgan Freemans wise and soothing voice. Many would say that they would like for him to narrate their lives. That said, the Oscar-winning actors voice has been so legendary that many have impersonated it flawlessly — and thats exactly the case in a video titled “Morgan Freeman Reviews 2018”.

The video was posted on The Hook Facebook page, claiming that it was Freeman doing sage commentary on the year including his take on the Floss dance, consuming Tide Pods, Drakes “In My Feelings” challenge, and, of course, Trump. As much as it sounds like him, Deadline has learned that the voice featured in the video is not Freeman and that he had nothing to with it.

It may be a funny video, but its not Freeman. Its just a really good impersonation of him — but that doesnt mean you cant have a good laugh at this year in review. Youll just have to do it without Hollywoods favorite narrator.

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