EastEnders spoilers: Who dies in shock stunts after Mel Owen and Ray Kellys wedding?

(Picture: BBC)

Months of planning on Mel Owens part has led to the moment she finally has her showdown with lying fiance Ray Kelly in EastEnders. But will things go how shes planned?

With police arriving at the wedding to arrest Ray it appeared that maybe Mel would get her justice after all. But things definitely wont be that simple.

Now Ray, with a history of violence, has been goaded and is ready to react to Mels plot. Hell be out for revenge, and revenge in soapland usually ends very badly – could someone die?

With a big stunt planned for the two, whatever happens and whoever snuffs it, its going to be huge.

Sean Mahon, who plays Ray, told of filming the stunt: I love stunts. Theyre the best thing. Thats the great thing about Tamzin, were very similar that way, the more physical, the better the acting is.

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It becomes less about the words but the emotion comes more from the physicality of it all. So the more running around, the more real it is. Last night we kept asking do it again. Its like being a kid and playing cowboys and Indians, how often do you get to do that?

(Picture: BBC)

Tamzin Outhwaite added: Im loving it! Im doing lots of fun stuff.

But action wise, its explosive.

She also confessed that whatever is happening is big enough and dangerous enough for her to require a stunt double.

Asked if she was worried at all while filming it, she said: Not at all, Im loving doing all that stuff. All that training I did after leaving EastEnders is all coming back. In The Fix, I used to do all my own stunts and other dramas. EastEnders cant do that kind of thing on a weekly basis as theres just too much to shoot so I feel quite lucky. All the scripts are brilliant.

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Sean said the viewers will be rooting for Mel though, cheering her on in bringing down the evil Ray.

I love the fact that Mel is such a strong, female figure, he said. And I love the fact that, myself and Tamsin, and Mel and Ray can go toe to toe and head to head. Its a total game of cat and mouse and I applaud that, certainly. And I would champion that.

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But Tamzin is not giving much away just yet: I cant really tell you if anyone dies or who is with me…

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