You can now buy a salted caramel flavour Baileys Easter egg for £10

(Picture: Baileys)

Calling all Easter fans: If you love Baileys, youll be overjoyed to know that you can now buy a Salted Caramel Baileys Easter egg.

The egg was released last year, but its now back for 2019 and its gone straight to the top of our Easter egg buying list.

The egg is made from milk chocolate with crunch salted caramel pieces. It also features six chocolates, each filled with a salted caramel centre, which then come covered in dark chocolate and decorated with a gold shimmer.

Alongside the salted caramel egg, on sale in supermarkets for £10, a coffee version is also available – which is decorated with glittery coffee beans and features six coffee flavour truffles.

(Picture: Baileys)

If Baileys isnt for you but you want to stick to the alcoholic theme, youll be delighted to know you can now also buy an Easter egg with an entire bottle of gin inside it. Amazing.



The eggs come after Manchester patissier and chocolatier Slattery partnered with local Zymurgorium to create unicorn and flamingo themed Easter eggs.

Alongside hollow chocolate, each egg comes with a full sized 50cl bottle of either Realm of Unicorn gin, with a toasted marshmallow flavour, or FlaGINgo gin, which is a pink gin with mango, pineapple, passionfruit and ginger.

Yes they sound incredible and, for that reason, as with things that sound too good to be true – there is a catch.

(Picture: Slatterys Patissier & Chocolatier)

Due to the eggs being pretty fragile, you can only buy them from the Slattery store in Manchester alongside Selfridges and House of Fraser in the city.

Theyre also pretty expensive – with the unicorn egg costing £49 and the flamingo one £59.

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