Theresa May to face SHOWDOWN meeting at 5pm as PM faces axe over Brexit

May will face Tory MPs tonight in a key session of the Conservative Partys ruling 1922 Committee.

Pressure is mounting for the PM to step down or at least name publicly date for a resignation amid ongoing Brexit chaos.

MPs have already wrestled control of the agenda from her in the House of Commons as she makes a final bid to secure votes for her Withdrawal Agreement.

Tory rebels are reportedly ready to support her so long as she stands aside sooner rather than later.

Britain is set leave the EU on May 22 if the PM secures her deal by March 29, or April 12 if May fails to do so.

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May is expected to face calls to name the date of her departure when she addresses the backbench 1922 Committee immediately before further votes.

Brexiteer leaders are reportedly ready to fall in line and vote for Mays deal under the condition she resigns as PM.

It is feared if they do not get behind the PM now, Britain may never leave the EU.

Tory backbenchers however today took turns to attack the Prime Minister's decision to delay the date of Brexit.

Theresa May

AXED: Theresa May will face the 1922 Committee at 5pm (Pic: REUTERS)

“Listen and change course, or go”

Jeremy Corbyn

Brexiteer John Baron urged the Prime Minister to switch tack to a no-deal Brexit to allow the UK to crash out at the end of this week.

And big beast Sir Bill Cash continued to question the legality of the decision.

May suggested the UK did not want to burn bridges with the EU by leaving without a deal.

The PM said: “It's a matter of international law that the date of the UK's exit has been changed."

Jacob Rees-Mogg

FALL IN LINE: Jacob Rees-Mogg is said to be ready to back the PM's deal (Pic: PA) Related Articles

Boris Johnson

IN THE RUNNGIN: Boris Johnson is remaining quiet on his own ambitions to be PM (Pic: PA)

Brexiteer Tory MP Andrew Bridgen also said his North West Leicestershire constituents would never trust the PM again if the UK failed to leave the EU on Friday.

SNP MP Stewart Hosie outright asked when the PM will resign, and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn added: “Listen and change course, or go.”

Divisions within the Tory party are also being worsened due to the refusal to back the deal by the DUP.

Mays coalition partners – just 10 MPs she secured with a £1 billion divideRead More – Source

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