Pubs £1 roast trial such a success theyve made it permanent

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A pub in Kent has decided to continue an offer they had on for £1 roast dinners after an amazing response from customers.

The Britannia in Margate, Kent, launched the deal a month ago, and have seen sales of their roasts go from 120 normally to a massive 432.

They previously cost £7.50 each (which is still a pretty massive bargain), but landlord Paul Rollins decided to cut the price.

Paul said they sold 100 roasts on the first Sunday. They then did 140 in the second week and 192 in the third week.

Chuffed Paul – who runs The Britannia in Margate, Kent, said: It went really well. It has really put The Britannia and Margate on the map.

- Picture of the ?1 deal on The Britannia in Margate Facebook page
(Picture: The Britannia/Facebook)

There is a small catch in that, to get the roast for a quid, customers must spend £3 at the bar – although given that thats about the price of a pint or glass of wine, it should go nicely.



The pub normally does roast beef and roast turkey as the meats, and along with that comes roast potatoes, carrots, green beans, parsnips, cauliflower cheese and stuffing balls.

Thats a pretty hearty dinner for less than the price of a cup of coffee in most places. A study two years ago revealed pub roast dinners in Britain ranged between £10 and £20.

After the success of the roast dinners, The Britannia has decided to branch out with their bargains, and is now launchRead More – Source

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