Uninitiated Marvel fan watches Avengers: Infinity War and chaos ensues

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Theres a lot of backstory (Picture: Rex Features)

With the upcoming Avengers: Endgame being the conclusion to a whopping 22 films, you cant blame fans for not being entirely well-versed in all things Marvel.

Theres a lot of backstory, okay?

And sometimes, a lack of knowledge about the films can prove to be downright hilarious, as writer Nicole Silverberg proved when she live-tweeted her reaction to Avengers: Infinity War after seeing just four Marvel films.

Watching infinity war. who are literally any of these people lmao, her highly relatable commentary began.

Loki and idris elba dead!!! two of the MOST F***ABLE avengers (??) gone! officially hate thanos (????). omg help its gwenyth paltrow, she added.

Other gems included: Very great fight scene that unfortunately had the primary outcome of me wanting to f*** spiderman, and THERES A F***ING RACCOON? ONE SUPERHERO IS A RACCOON? A BRADLEY COOPER RACCOON?????????????? A GODDAMN RACOOPER????



Meanwhile, the love for Groot was through the roof: Wait I love this tree. Im hearing he died, was a baby, and is now a teen. Im also learning he can just say one sentence. this is everything I love.

We feel you.

And Benedict Cumberbatch has our deepest sympathies, as Nicole pointed out: I cant even explain it but like, Benedict Cumberbatch is doing something differently and more embarrassing than the other actors and I dont think its his fault. someone should have told him.

Weve decided we need commentary like this for every Marvel film, please.

Meanwhile, Endgame fever has been taking over the fandom, with theories galore – including a big one featuring time travel. Were sold TBH.

So fans werent too impressed when Bruce Banner actor Mark Ruffalo decided to play the cruelest April Fool on everyone, telling fans on Instagram and Twitter: 25 days until #AvengersEndgame! Ask and you shall receive. Heres a spoiler!

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Alas, after a short clip with a buffering bar and an agonising wait, the words April Fools popped up and Read More – Source

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