European Parliament delays plan to end clock changes

Lawmakers in the European Parliament voted Tuesday in favor of plans to put an end to daylight saving — but not until 2021, two years later than the European Commission had wanted.

The plan will require countries to decide next year whether they want to opt for either permanent summer or winter time. French citizens have come down in favor of summer time, but many remain undecided.

MEPs want the Commission to report back on how scrapping the clock change — an EU standard since 1996 — works out in practice. The plan was adopted with 410 votes in favor and 192 against.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced plans to end daylight saving time last year, following an EU survey in which the vast majority of the 4.6 million respondents voted to discontinue the practice of switching clocks forward by one hour in spring and back by one hour in fall.

Juncker wanted to end the practice in 2019, but faced puRead More – Source

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