Hot Package Du Jour: Leslie Jones & Kristen Bell In Coupon Cartel Saga Queenpins

EXCLUSIVE: Despite the uncertainty over whether most writers in Hollywood will have agents this weekend, this has been a week of lively film packages that have gotten interest and bids that most certainly will lead to deals and start dates later this year. Heres another: CAA is out with Queenpins, a dark comedy in the spirit of Thelma & Louise and I, Tonya that is based on a true story like the latter.

Saturday Night Live stalwart Leslie Jones and The Good Places Kristen Bell are attached to star as Phoenix housewives who create a scheme to counterfeit coupons and soon are sitting stop a $40 million coupon cartel. Attached to write and direct are Aron Gaudet & Gita Pullapilly, the husband and wife team who directed Beneath The Harvest Sky. CAA is shopping the picture right now.

This comes after Alexander Payne, Emma Stone and RalphRead More – Source

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