Holland & Barrett launches three new vegan ice creams

(Picture: Holland & Barrett/Getty)

Holland & Barrett has launched its very own range of vegan ice cream, in response to growing demand for more plant-based items in stores.

The health food and supplements shop has started selling three own-brand vegan ice creams, in peanut butter, passion fruit and salted caramel flavours.

Each 500ml tub costs £3.99 and is a vegan alternative to brand favourites such as Halo Top.

Each tub is dairy-free and organic, and features a sealable top rather than a separate lid to reduce waste.

The peanut butter and passion fruit ice creams are made using coconut – but the salted caramel flavour is made using avocado.

Holland & Barrett's ice creams are made with coconut and avocado
(Picture: Holland & Barrett)

Its also got the lowest calories of the lot, at 103 per 125ml serving.

Passionfruit is also low in calories at 108, and the peanut butter ice cream has 138 calories per 125ml serving.

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The ice cream has been launched in all of Holland & Barretts 715 UK branches, and theyre currently on offer for buy one get one half price.

Amy Tolofari, a nutritionist for Holland & Barrett, told The Grocer: Avocado and coconut act as the perfect alternatives to dairy in ice Read More – Source

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