Tesco is selling Little Willies sausages for £3 and the internet is amused

(Picture: Tesco)

Tesco is selling packs of vegetarian sausages called Little Willies.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Its not the first time weve heard sausages compared to willies – mainly cocktail sausages, to be honest – but we havent seen it actually on a packet of sausages before.

Dutch sausage brand The Vegetarian Butcher came up with the name, and weve got to give it to them for their sense of humour.

The pork-free sausages are made from soy and are designed to taste like Lincolnshire-style sausages (which are definitely the best sausages, FYI).

Litrle Willies, anyone?
(Picture: Tesco)

You can get a pack of six at Tesco for £3, and or in Waitrose for £2.99.

Since the launch, people have been talking about them on social media – mainly to share how amused they are.

One person said: I grew up in Lincolnshire and sure I saw some willies, but buddy. They werent sausages.



Another added that vegetarians have little willies.

Someone else said: Who on earth decided to call sausages little willies. And why are my parents so immature that they bought them for me just because of it?

Little Willies – ? Strong vegan range in Tesco.

— Steve Dresser (@dresserman) April 16, 2019

Little willies…..??

— Jade Dando (@jadedando1) April 11, 2019

Little Willies @Vegebutcher. High in protein. ?

— Wendy Searle ?? (@betweensnowsky) April 1, 2019

Honestly, well done Tesco and Waitrose for stocking Little Willies – were surRead More – Source

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