Barbara Windsors husband Scott says she feels scared as she lives with Alzheimers: Its getting worse

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Barbara Windsor s husband Scott Mitchell said she is feeling more and more scared as she continues to live with dementia.

Scott, 56, took part in the London Marathon on Sunday to help raise funds for Alzheimers Society and Alzheimers Research UK.

The former EastEnders actress, 81, was diagnosed with the disease in 2014 and is now in need of 24-hour care.

Its very much good days and bad days, Scott told Lorraine on ITV this morning.



As a lot of people who are going through the same thing will know and in our case, and everything is individual with everyone, Ive always said the evenings are much worse.

Scott explained that Barbara generally feels more confused and disoriented from around 5pm onwards.

Barbara Windsors husband Scott Mitchell on Lorraine (Picture: ITV)
Barbara Windsor and husband Scott Mitchell
Barbara and Scott (Picture: Getty)
Natalie Cassidy, Scott Mitchell, Tanya Franks, Jane Slaughter and Candice Brown during the London Marathon 2019
Natalie Cassidy, Scott Mitchell, Tanya Franks, Jane Slaughter and Candice Brown during the London Marathon 2019 (Picture: Getty)

Last night was not a good night, he admitted and shared some of the heartbreaking details to support others going through a loved one going through the same problem.

She looked at me and said, “Im scared, Scott, Im scared because this is getting worse.”

He explained that dementia sufferers at this point are terrified.

They are terrified because some things are okay when theyre with a familiar person, but I can see her looking around the house and not placing where she is.

the eastenders stars running in the london marathon 2019 for barbara windsor
Barbaras Revolutionaries (Picture: Scott Mitchell)

Theres not a lot you can do, except just be there.

Scott was joined by some of Barbaras EastEnders colleagues at the Marathon who formed a running team to raise money for the cause.

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He said when he arrived home afterwards she had tears in her eyes and told him he was so proud.



She really took it all in, he said and Lorraine praised Scott for being a tower of strength.

Supporters can donate to the cause by going to the Read More – Source

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