Big blow to tourism & economy: Sri Lanka struck by hotel cancelations after deadly Easter attacks

Recent terror attacks delivered a huge blow for the Sri Lankan tourism industry, President Sirisena said, as the country is still on high alert after the Easter bombings in hotels and Christian churches killed over 250 people.

As fears mount over the possible new terror attacks in Sri Lanka, the countrys authorities admit foreign tourists are ditching the island for alternative destinations.

“Its a big blow to the economy, as well as the tourism industry,” Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena said on Sunday as quoted by Reuters. Cancelation rates at hotels throughout the island reached 70 percent while figures in the principal city Colombo are even more grave, Sri Lankas Tourism Bureau Chairman Kishu Gomes told Reuters, depicting the whole state of affairs as “worrying.”

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Earlier research suggested that as many as 86.2% of existing bookings to Sri Lanka hotels were canceled during the three days after the deadly blasts on Easter Sunday, according to the Forward Keys consultancy.

For the past 10 years, Sri Lanka had been experiencing a tourist boom as travelers were attracted by long stretches of sandy beaches, historic temples, and rich wildlife. Alone in 2017, the tropical island was visited by over 2 million people as tourism revenues constituted 4.5% of the national GDP.

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