Tesco is selling Rhubarb and Custard Creams and yoghurt Jammie Dodgers

Tesco is selling Rhubarb and Custard Creams (Picture: Tesco/Getty)

Tesco is selling new versions of Jammie Dodgers and Custard Creams, and they both sound amazing.

The new Jammie Dodgers feature rectangluar biscuits, filled with yoghurt and jam, while the Custard Creams have been revamped into Rhubarb and Custard creams – with a new rhubarb filling added to the original custard taste.

Unfortunately, the biscuits arent available in every single Tesco store – so you may have to hunt them down unless youre lucky enough to spot them in your local shop.

The biscuits were shared on the Instagram account Kevssnackreviews, with the Rhubarb and Custards costing 40p and the Jammie Dodgers £1.50.

On the Rhubarb and custard Creams, they said: So heres what the new Tesco Rhubarb and Custard Creams are like!

The cream part is pink and of course flavoured with rhubarb, and actually tastes of it too – who would have thought it!

Its a little sour and tangy, but sweet and creamy enough to be inoffensive. If you like rhubarb youll probably enjoy these, and theyre a good fit for a custard cream.



Theyre cheap at 40p so dont expect the most buttery luxurious biscuit, but theyre a good little novelty. I do think other flavours would be nicer though…banana and custard anyone?!

After the photo was shared, many commented to say how excited they were to try the biscuits themselves.

One person said: These sound amazing! I dont like actual rhuhbarb but like the sweets.

Another said: This seems so obvious – why did no one think of it sooner.

Someone else wrote: Omfg if these are disappointing I will C.R.Y! Not even dramatising things here either.

However, others werent so keen. One said: Certain classics need to be left alone… when we trying them?

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Another put: Absolute crime to mess with the classic.

On the Jammie Dodger front, appRead More – Source

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