EastEnders spoilers: Louise Mitchell realises shes pregnant tonight?

Louise (Tilly Keeper) makes a discovery in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) might have survived being kidnapped and very nearly sent off to a life of trafficking, but she is facing something even more frightening in EastEnders.

She is set to discover that their romantic escapades since declaring their love for one another will have resulted in her getting pregnant, and tonight could be the night she makes the discovery.

The pair have been spending a lot of secret time together behind Phil Mitchells (Steve McFadden) back, mostly in Louises bedroom – Keanu is even seen sneaking out of her bedroom window and down a drain pipe.

As far as Phils concerned, theyre just surface level romantic, he has no idea whats going on behind closed doors.

Tonight, as Keanu tells her that hell never, ever put her in danger again like he did before, Louise has something else on her mind as she makes a worrying realisation.



Perhaps the most worrying thing about it is having to tell heRead More – Source

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