9 Types Of Bras That Every Woman Needs

1. T-shirt bra

The humble t-shirt bra may not be the fanciest piece of undergarment you own, but its probably the hardest working member of your bra drawer. Given that youll be wearing this underneath a multitude of outfits, make sure you pay extra attention to the fabric and how it feels on your skin. Spend a bit more on this bra, if it means finding one thats made of a good fabric thats appropriate for our weather.

Cosabella bra, $111.90, from Zalora.

2. Strapless bra

Best for those super-stylish off-the-shoulder tops, the key to finding a good strapless bra is to find one that offers a sturdier fit. A good underwire can help with that, and it always helps to get yourself measured by the shop staff, so you dont end up buying an underwired strapless bra thats too tight (read: cuts into your rib cage).

Impression bra, $19.90, from Zalora.

3. Balconette bra

Think of the balconette bra as your go-to for when you want to look a little sexier than average — after all, their slightly shallower fit will have you looking fuller in the front. There are plenty of balconette bras out there — from the everyday cotton ones to pieces that feature sensual lace designs. Ultimately, its up to you and how you want to feel in them.

Bra, $69.88, from La Senza.

4. Bralettes

We love bralettes, because theyre one of the few pieces in our undergarment cupboard that wed happily show off. Find one with a gorgeous lace pattern, which you can wear underneath a white button-down shirt. Since there are no underwires in a bralette, a thicker under-band helps with keeping it in place.

Bralette, $39, from perk by kate.

5. Sports bra

This one is a no-brainer, but its also an incredibly important bra to have. If you like to hit the gym, then it goes without saying that the sports bra is a need-to-have in your gym bag. Plus, as atheleisure continues to be a trendy way of dressing, a fancy sports bra means that you can show it off a little.

Bra, $69, from Calvin Klein Underwear.

6. Bandeau bra

The difference between a strapless bra and a bandeau is that the latter often comes with a thick band underneath the cups. This allows for it to stay in place and offers more support and sturdiness throughout the day. Plus, heres a little fashion tip for you: pair it with a buttoned-up blazer and pants for a sensual but HR-approved office look.

Bra, $29.95, from H&M.

7. Stick-on bra

Also affectionately known as “chicken fillets” in our office, stick-on bras are great for when you want to get all dolled up

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