Bigger-busted women are going wild for this ASOS bikini they say is ‘life-changing’

ASOS DESIGN has become a go-to for women looking for comfortable yet stylish pieces and one piece in particular is getting rave reviews online. The triangle bra, which is designed for women with a fuller bust, is taking centre stage on the website this week with incredible reviews from women who've bought it.

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Women are praising the triangle bra as being the epitome of comfort, support and a flattering fit because its underwire-free.

Bigger-busted women have been singing the bikini top's praises over on social media, where they're hailing it as 'life-changing' and 'so damn comfy'. “ASOS are the best because for the first time ever my big boobie self has just managed to get a triangle bra in my size” said one Twitter user.

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"So I bought this bra from Asos, not only is it recycled but it also has no underwire or padding, which I would never usually consider buying but it so so damn comfy I can't even, and it holds the big t*tties!" wrote another.

It seems ASOS has tapped into a gap in the bra market by creating an underwire-free offering; as bigger-busted ladies will know too well, the majority of fuller-busted bras come in either the balconette style or classic rounded, wired br

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