I tried Hershesons Almost Everything Cream for hair, to see if it really can do almost *everything*


Hershesons Almost Everything Cream, £10


Hershesons has already cemented its status as the go-to beauty editor salon for sleek, sexily dishevelled, blow-drys if youre after hair that has a bit of guts and a lot of personality. Having already successfully broached styling tools (the brand sells pro hair dryers, straightening irons, curling wands and barrel brushes), the launch of their new Almost Everything Cream is the first time theyve tackled styling products. And, with a name that promises to perfect almost everything, were very much interested to see if it delivers.


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Elle Turner, Deputy Beauty Editor


As Ive mentioned before, I favour a lazy approach to hair which means multi-purpose products absolutely speak to me. Why sit and layer four different products into your hair when you can find one that will do the job? My hair routine looks something like this: shampoo, condition, whack some sort of styling cream through my lengths and ends to prevent frizz (happens to the best of us), blow dry until arm aches. Every couple of days, Ill tong it in the morning, to give my hair a bit of movement. Theres very little room there for faff and if the actual styling part involves real skill or effort, Ill resort to plan B, which is “low ponytail and front bits pulled forward” in order to avoid. That “styling cream” step really has to earn its spot though, and if it doesnt make a real difference after the first go, Ill skip it. So Im interested to see if Hershesons cream makes the cut.

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First off, I like the look of the packaging – a punchy blue tube with minimal white writing. It says, quite literally, what it does on the tin. Namely, it claims to be a:

  1. Primer
  2. Shine Booster
  3. Frizz Fighter
  4. Texturiser
  5. Tamer
  6. Curl Definer
  7. Conditioner
  8. Mask

It smells delicious (really fresh, almost like sun cream) and pumps out in a medium-weight white cream that disappears quickly when worked through lengths and ends. In terms of conditioning hair, I wouldnt recommend using it in the shower in place of your conditioner (which I tried) since it doesnt lather up and spread through your hair like a regular dollop of conditioner would. Rather, I think the point here is to use it to condition hair post-shower while damp, or even once dry and work a pea-sized amount through ends to keep it smooth and soft.

This definitely works more in the way of smoothing and conditioning, which is why Id be less likely to trade it in for more traditional texturising sprays (since to me texturising means something a bit gritty and gutsy to add oomf through th

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