This is the chic, sustainable label all your favourite influencers are wearing on Instagram this summer

This summer has seen our obsession with all things floral-print taken to the extreme thanks, in large part, to the undeniable surge in popularity of brands such as Rixo and Reformation for whom punchy, feminine prints are their bread and butter.

Having taken note of this demand for visual embellishment but adapted it for a their customer with a slightly more muted aesthetic, Faithfull The Brand has seen swathes of influencers and fashion editors snapping up its chic, boho-inspired pieces this summer.


Based in Bali and inspired by vintage markets all over the world, each piece is hand-dyed, printed and made by local artisans with a huge focus on sustainable processes. It's wanderlust for your wardrobe.

Faithfull has won over the likes of Monikh Dale, Lucy Williams and Sara Escudero – who alone have a combined Instagram following of over 1.6 million – so it's no surprise that word is spreading fast.

Bursting with shirred waists, frilled sleeves and ruffled hems, the label is a smorgasbord of design details that simultaneously scream timelessness and modernity.


Not restricted to regular daywear, Faithfull also has a masterful collection of swimwear, from floral one-pieces to itsy bitsty polka dot bikinis and high-waisted checked numbers. Matching bucket hats and tote bags just complete the offering.

Neither strictly high-end or high street, Faithfull straddles that ever-growing middle ground between the two, with pieces ranging from around £70 for a hat to £200 for a linen jumpsuit or shirred mini dress. A direct reflection of this is where t

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