Fuel tanker explosion turns night to day as flames rain down on S. African town (VIDEOS)

An enormous fireball engulfed multiple buildings in the town of Worcester in South Africas Western Cape following a fuel tanker explosion in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Preliminary reports indicate the fuel tanker hit an electricity pole, which created a massive explosion that lit up the night sky.

The vehicle reportedly overturned as a result of the blast and, miraculously, no fatalities have been reported. However, Several firefighters battling the blaze have been injured.

Eyewitness video from the scene shows several drivers make a U-turn upon seeing the sheer extent of the destruction and the height of the flames.

Local residents reported hearing and feeling the explosion some five kilometers away from the hellish site.

“We can confirm that a truck exploded as you enter town, but we are not certain of the damage or whether anyone was injured. Police and emergency services are on the scene to investigate,” Worcester police spokesperson Captain Lindikhaya Mkhontwana said.

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