Ackley Bridge spoilers: Headteacher Sian sleeps with pupil Cory

(Picture: Channel 4)

Ackley Bridge has aired its fair share of controversial storylines – only this series it suddenly killed off fan favourite Missy Booth in a car accident – but tonight, fans were left aghast when stand-in headteacher Sian commenced a sexual relationship with her pupil Cory.

Cory, who has a lot of pressures at home and has been struggling of late, found a support network in Sian which has now been exploited, leading to a passionate kiss. Sian is standing in for Mandy, who tonight gave birht to her baby boy. As Kaneez supports an oblivious Mandy in her new journey, back at the school, there is scandal afoot.

In a dramatic storyline, Sian will conduct a secret affair with Cory – while acting holier than thou towards the rest of the staff members. But it seems definite that while Cory might find the affair exciting, it will damage him given he is vulnerable and Sian is committing an illegal act of abuse.



Next week, Sian begins to question her behaviour towards Cory but as temptation rears its head again, she puts everything on the line.

Will she be caught and brought to justice? And will Cory realise that Read More – Source

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