Lowest fat beef burger in the UK is now available in Iceland – and its syn-free

It costs £15 for a pack of two burgers. (Picture: Iceland)

BBQ season is tough if youre trying to watch what you eat.

There are only so many soggy mushrooms and corn on the cobs we can stomach before we are inevitably tempted by the main event – the burgers.

Like most processed meat products, burgers are generally pretty high in saturated fat. Which is fine on the odd occasion, but after your sixth BBQ of the summer, you might want to start cutting down.

Luckily, Iceland have launched an incredibly low fat burger that Slimming World followers will love – because its syn free.

Slimming World syns are treats that are higher in calories – like biscuits, sweets and alcohol – that you can eat while following the diet, but only in very limited amounts. So to find a burger that is completely free of syn is the holy grail for meat lovers.



Made from 100% lean steak, Icelands burger contains 4.3g of fat per 100g – the lowest fat content of any other burger on the market.

UK's lowest fat beef burger
The burgers are completely syn free. (Picture: Iceland)

It actually contains less fat that Slimming Worlds own Iceland syn free beef quarter pounders, which have 5.2g of fat per 100g.

Tescos Finest steak burgers have 11.7g of fat per 100g and Asdas beef burgers contain 13g of fat per 100g.

Marks and Spencers and Waitrose have the highest fat content on the burger market, with 19.40g and 20.90g per 100g respectively.

So if youre looking to reduce your fat intake – Icelands option is the clear winner. But, theres a catch. It isnt cheap.

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The low-fat patties will cost you £15 for a pack of two. £7.50 per burger. Ouch.

But, with 100% lean steak made by luxury Scottish butcher Donald Russell – the hefty price tag might be worth it for the quality.

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