These two men knock on strangers doors and make lunch for them for their own cooking show

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Stranger Kitchens is a cooking show on legs.

Its a unique video concept started by two young men, Ed and Hal, who go around London offering to make lunch for strangers.

Ed is a copywriter who worked as a chef for six months after leaving school and Hal is a student.

The two 20-year-olds knock on the doors of various homes with a recipe at hand, and wait for someone to let them in.

You might expect stiff upper lipped Brits to offer a polite no, thank you but surprisingly, many have let the pair in to cook a meal.



Theyve met some pretty interesting people along the way.

Ed (left) and Hal have always been foodies and decided to cook for strangers (Picture: Stranger Kitchens)

We asked the duo how they got started.

They tell We had the idea with our friend Nick, who also helps out on the videos.

We were chatting about funny ideas for a cooking show when he sarcastically suggested that we just knock on strangers doors and ask to cook them lunch.

He was joking but we thought it was an amazing idea, and we knew we had to do it. About a week later wed made our first episode.

Hal with a camera attached to his forehead
Hal recording the show with a phone attached to his head (Picture: Stranger Kitchens)

In a case of serendipity, Ed and Hal ended up at the doorstep of chef presenter Miguel Barclay, who runs Instagram account One Pound Meals.

Ironically, they ended up being filmed by the chef for his own vlog. The video, which features Miguel saying Ive just let strangers into my house and the first thing they ask for is a knife, tickled thousands of viewers.

Since then, Ed and Hal have had six more dining experiences with strangers.

Ed and Hal enjoying the lunch they cooked with their new friends
Theyve met all kinds of interesting people (Picture: Stranger Kitchens)

We havent had any bad experiences yet, most people who answer their doors like the idea and are really friendly even if theyre busy or working, they tell us.

Weve really liked everybody weve met, but filming is most fun when our host wants to share something with us, like music or their art.



In episode five we cooked for a harpist, and in the most recent episode, we found a childrens book author and her husband, and got to look around her beautiful studio and see her work.

They also ended up at fellow YouTuber and radio DJ Mawaan Rizwans house for episode four.

More guests featured on their show, standing around waiting for food
One of the guests is fellow YouTuber Mawaan Rizwaan (far right) (Picture: Stranger Kitchens)

The pair reckon that meeting different folks is the most fun part. But they also hope to cook for an older demographic soon.

Part of the fun of making the show is not knowing who well meet, so well cook for anybody whos up for it, they say.

It would be really interesting to get some stories and life wisdom from an older person, as we havent had many on the show yet.

Hal posing with a married couple in their home
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