Couple wants to pay someone £5,000 to prepare a roadkill banquet for their wedding

Dont worry – this isnt roadkill (Picture: Getty)

Everyone wants a wedding day worth talking about.

But one couple have maybe taken that a little further than most.

They plan to serve their guests a roadkill banquet – but wont let them know until after theyve eaten it.

Of course, preparing everything isnt going to be easy – so they are planning to pay a chef £5,000 to help them prepare everything.

The ad on asks for someone who has the skills to prepare a mixture of woodland squirrel, pheasant, rabbit, partridge and deer.

They want someone with previous experience in preparing wild meats, like being able to skin, butcher and joint the cuts of mea

Apparently they already have 20kg of roadkill in their freezer so no need to worry about sourcing anything.

Is it safe and legal to eat roadkill in the UK?

The couple in the ad say their roadkill is safe, fresh and clean but is it ok to eat roadkill?

Of course, picking up something of the side of the road does come with some risk as you dont know how safe it is to eat the animal.

Animals raised on a farm undergo health checks throughout their life to ensure the meat we eat doesnt contain any diseases that may be harmful.

When eating a wild animal that has been killed on the side of the road, you dont know what sort of illnesses they could have.

Its also important to assess to see how fresh the meat is when you find it – if it has been lying there for a while, its not safe to eat

It is legal to eat roadkill in the UK, provided the animals have been killed accidentally and you dont have any plans to sell the meat.

The couple have been eating roadkill for three years so wanted to share their way of life with their 30 guests.



The request states: The environment is so important to us, and will continue to be as we settle down and start our family. Although money isnt too much of an issue, weddings are resource heavy and result in so much waste that we dont want to have any part in that.

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We know that this isnt something the average chef would be happy in Read More – Source

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