Aldi launches cheese-filled sausages for your BBQ

Cheese… inside a sausage? We have to stan. (Picture: Aldi)

Steadfast carnivores rejoice: defying the vegan tide, you can now buy cheese-filled sausages.

Many of this summers barbecues will have had lots of plant-based options – but for those committed to meaty, cheesy meals, Aldi has launched pork sausages filled with Red Leicester – and they only cost £1.89 for a pack of six (from 15th August).

According to – self-described as the worlds greatest cheese resource – Red Leicester dates back to the 17th century when farmers in Leicester wanted to make their cheese stand out. They decided that the cheeses colour should reflect its creaminess.

Put that in your sausage and eat it.

Its been a good summer for sausage fans shopping at Aldi. Theyve also recently launched Chilli Chubbies – mini sausages infused with three different types of peppers – and jerk chicken chipolatas, for BBQs with a Caribbean twist.

Aldi jerk chicken sausages on a table in buns
Jerk chicken… in sausage form. (Picture: Aldi)

The new meat-dairy combo will likely come as a relief to those disturbed by the rise of vegan products – including Piers Morgan, who this year raised serious concerns about the new Greggs vegan sausage roll.



Finally, some cheesy respite for real sausage-lovers.

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