Avengers writers reveal why we didnt see Smart Hulk take on Thanos in Endgame

Smart Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Thanos (Josh Brolin) in Avengers

These two werent meant to go head to head in Endgame (Picture: Rex)

Avengers writer Stephen McFeely has revealed why we never saw Hulk go up against Thanos in Endgame.

The Mark Ruffalo character was thought to be taking on the Mad Titan (played by Josh Brolin) in the follow-up to Avengers: Infinity War (well, in the dreams of fans, anyway) however after turning into Smart Hulk fans sadly never saw the second meeting.

McFeely explained to Backstory magazine that even though people might have been expecting the Hulk Aka Bruce Banner to go for Thanos once more, seeing as hes the strongest of the Avengers lot (if were talking bare strength without weapons) it just wasnt his vibe in the 2019 sequel.

He had glasses now. Those glasses could easily break, you know.

I know a lot of people were saying they cant wait for [Hulk and Thanos] rematch, he said. Well, that wouldve made sense had he not become Smart Hulk.



Hes a whole different thing, and thats not what drives him. So we never thought, “Oh, he really is trying to get a crack at Thanos now”.

Unfortunately fans just didnt get to see that rematch, but that didnt mean Endgame was a loss. In fact, the whole thing was a win, if you ask us.

In Endgame Smart Hulk had to pretend to regress back to his angry self when the Avengers went back to the battle of New York in their quest to obtain the Infinity Stones to reverse the Snap. So he just wouldnt have the anger to whoop Thanos purple butt.

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While we were introduced to the fresh version of the character not too far into the three-hour movie, it was revealed recently we were originally going to see Mark bring us the intelligent Hulk back in Infinity War.

In the commentary for the DVD release of Endgame, the writers revealed at the battle of Wakanda, Hulk was due to unveil his intelligent self in a fight against Cull Obsidian of the Black Order.

He also explained the name Smart Hulk was coined behind the scenes, and would have made himself known by bursting out of the HulkBuster armour.



But according to the writers, a test audience didnt quite like that introduction – so they saved it for a different time and different movie in Endgame.

McFeely also revealed we came close to seeing the emergence of Red Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe epic.

He told the publication: I entertained the idea for about a day.

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But it sounds like not all is lost for the Red Hulk, as he might appear elsewhere in the franchise as the writer added: Red Hulk is a completely different thing in the comics. It wound up being, well, really were just saying he changes colRead More – Source

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