Lidls churros are back – but for a limited time only

(Picture: Lidl)

Usually a holiday favourite, these pre-cooked, frozen churros just need a mini-break in the microwave.

Theres nothing quite like eating deep-fried, sugary sticks of batter dipped in chocolate on a Spanish beach.

But now Lidl is bringing back their big bags of churros for £1.19 – so popping to the supermarket and eating them in front of the telly has got to be a close second.

The treats are traditionally served with a hot chocolate dip, but you could also go rogue and eat them with other sweet sauces and dips. Churros with 1kg of Nutella, anyone?

Lidls churros are part of their Spanish week – starting on 8th August, until stocks last – when shoppers can peruse a selection of national foods including calamari (squid in batter) for £1.99, patatas bravas (fried potatoes) for 99p and cheese tapas for £1.99.

Lidl's calamari in a bag and scattered on a table
(Picture: Lidl)

You can also buy a whole leg of air dried ham along with a knife and cutting board for just £14.99.



With a picnic basket brimming with these Spanish delights – on a sunny day, who can really tell the difference between a London lido and a pool in Marbella?

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