People are realising that the cups from McDonalds Japan can be unintentionally rude

Not McDonalds intention (Picture: Twitter/mao_kila)

McDonalds has been treating Japanese people to its McFizz soft drinks this summer (unavailable in the UK, sadly).

The sweet summery beverages come in little transparent cups that are adorned with illustrations of a boy and girl kissing.

You might be thinking how cute or how innocent but of course nice things rarely last very long.

Some naughty folks have been making their own tweaks to the cups images, positioning them so an innocent kiss becomes quite rude.

Tilting the cups to form some suggestive images and adding their own characters, the pictures have gone viral and entirely ruined the cups innocent intentions.

McDonald's Mcfizz drinks
What theyre supposed to look like (Picture: McDonalds)

The Mcfizz line includes Lemon Ginger, Blue Hawaii, and Blood Orange flavours.

Instead of just admiring the design or putting it up on their Insta story with some sort of fitting hashtag, makeshift artists have added some sexual touches.



In some of the illustrations, the boy character is seen humping the girl, getting fellatio, pinching her behind while winking (all consensually, we hope).

But its not just heteronormative relations theyre adding as theyre repping same-sex couples too.

In one of the images, boy McFizz is going down on another boy.

And theyre matching so, you know, #couplegoals.

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Social media users have been appreciating the stuff with some saying this is creativity.

Others are not so impressed: This is why we cant have nice things.

Here are the naughty additions to McDonalds McFizz drinks:

マックフィズ クンニ/フェラの遊び俺もやってきた

— ちょこれーしょん!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (@_chocolation_) July 25, 2019


— ひかる@wimper (@6AXkWMqMZgKgCjU) July 25, 2019

【悲報】マクドナルドさん、とんでもないプラスチックカップを作ってしまう [977261419]

— まお (@mao_kila) July 29, 2019


— きんとき (@ew_butterfly) July 23, 2019


— あんこれる🥕@低浮上 (@ankorerorero318) August 3, 2019

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