Avengers Robert Downey Jr filmed final Endgame scene as Iron Man next door to where he auditioned for role

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Our hearts still arent okay with this(Picture: Marvel Studios)

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has revealed Robert Downey Jr filmed his final scene as Iron Man for Avengers: Endgame in the small studio next door to where he auditioned for the 2008 original film that kicked off the MCU franchise.

Our hearts!

Speaking to Empire magazines Chris Hewitt at a special Endgame podcast in London on Thursday night the producer detailed what it was like filming Roberts final scene.

At the end of Endgame he uses the Infinity Gauntlet to Snap Thanos to oblivion. In turn, of course, he killed himself – but not before uttering the brilliant words: I am Iron Man.

There were multiple days that were like “this is it, this is the last time. Oh no we have to do it again”, Kevin told an audience listening to the live podcast of the final shooting day with RDJ.



”Here it is, the final one”, Id fly to Atlanta to be there, “we have to do it again”.

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I am Iron Man (Picture: Rex Features)

He continued of the various versions of that ultimate scene: The idea came up very late in post, he used to say nothing, he used to say the f-word in one version that was screened but none of it was feeling the way we wanted to feel.

I think it was our editor Jeff Ford who had the idea “I am Iron Man”. Robert was a little hesitant, every time he had cathartic emotions going through it.

He did it and I dont think weve talked about this – that was shot right across from the Paramount studios in a stage right next door to the stage where he did his audition for Iron Man I.

Its the first time wed been on that lot since.

Kevin Feige

Kevin spoke about the final scene with Robert (Picture: Getty)

I thought, how amazing that the stars have aligned, coincidentally, that his very last shot as Iron Man would be done in this place where he performed Tony Stark in his audition. How all of our lives changed.

On the soon-to-be-released DVD version of the film we see Iron Man director Jon Favreau explaining how keen he was for RDJ to be Tony Stark in 2008s Iron Man – the first film of the MCU.

He says: Robert had a whole career of great work behind him, and he was at a point in his life and his career where he was ready to break out and do something really big and exciting.



However, casting director Sarah Halley Finn explains that not everyone was on board, saying: Jon was in love with the idea of Downey playing the part, and we all felt so sure about him on a creative level. Because he wasnt instantly a slam dunk approval, I suggested we have screen tests.

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I remember walking in with Robert Downey Jr on the day of the tests. He was laughing and in great spirits and completely at ease, and he got in front of the camera and started saying the lines…

After showing a snippet of his screentest, Downey JRead More – Source

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