Jacob Rees Mogg has sparked war between those who put crisps in the fridge and normal people

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Whatever you think about Jacob Rees Mogg, you have to agree that hes a very strange man.

Thats obviously what comedian Phil Wang was thinking, anyway, when he made a joke about JRMs controversial reclined position in Commons yesterday.

Posting a screenshot of the now-infamous lean, in which Rees Mogg laid down on three seats during a Brexit debate, he captioned it when I remember theres crisps in the fridge.

Obviously, this is a joke based around the fact Rees Mogg is from some odd world where food banks are uplifting and the word floccinaucinihilipilification is a normal thing to say in Parliament.

However, it exposed a dark underworld where people across Britain are actually putting crisps in the fridge, and has started an argument that might actually eclipse that of the Tories and Labour.

Off the back of the tweet, people have been ferociously defending their position on where crisps should be stored.

whos puts crisps in the fucking fridge you raging nonce

— lewis edmo (@aguynamedlewis) September 3, 2019



While one person said Only a monster like JRM would keep crisps in the fridge, it appeared this isnt the case at all.

As the tagging commenced, people said all sorts of wild things, like The fridge makes crisps better. Try it. and Guys theres nothing inherantly [sic] wrong, evil or wicked about keeping crisps in the fridge.

One even posted a picture of his potato based snacks in the fridge, as if we hadnt already been scarred enough by the very thought.


— Jordan McLean (@Jordanmclean95) September 5, 2019

Dis. Gus. Ten.

Other, more normal people said: Sorry but anyone who puts crisps in the fridge is a raging psychopath and If you put chips in the fridge here you would definitely goRead More – Source

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