What 5 ELLE Editors Need to Survive Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has officially kicked off, and while it's definitely a privilege to look at beautifully constructed clothes for a living, it's still a job at the end of the day. And like with any gig, sometimes you need some hyper-specific things to get you through those high-stress, fast-paced days. Ahead, five ELLE and editors share they must-haves for making fashion week just a little easier.

Tyler Joe

Shop Nikki's Fashion Week Must Haves

The Fixer

Mother Denim


Since September weather can be fickle I'll layer a tank top underneath incase it gets too hot and I need to roll down the sleeves and tie them around my waist.

Canapa Tote



A large tote like this will help me schlep everything I need (a laptop, some snacks, maybe a pair of shoes) but look very chic while doing it.

Bliss Pen



"Feel the right amount of good," is this pen's tag line and after a 14 hour day that's exactly what I'll want to do.

Broadway Bike Short

Acabada Active


Working out is one way I stay sane during this high-stress week, so I'll pack a pair of bike shorts in my bag in case I can go straight from a show to a boxing class.

Courtesy of Veronique Hyland

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Flatform Universal

Anna Sui


Fashion Month is basically a hike with intermittent periods of sitting, and Tevas are the most comfortable en-route footwear.

Vitamin C Powder



Ive been following the Vitamin C discourse and want to incorporate it into my daily routine (which is basically just sunscreen and moisturizer right now).

Mint Chocolate

Rx Bar


I usually carry a ton of Rx bars and end up eating some and giving the rest out to my hangry pals. I like the mint chocolate flavor.

A Sand Book

Ariana Reines


I bring a loaded-up Kindle for those waiting-for-the-show-to-start moments, but I also try to carry a physical book. This is one I'll be reading this season.

Ilya S. SavenokGetty Images

Shop Sarah's Fashion Week Must Haves

Martin Tee

Frances de Lourdes


A black t-shirt in silk jersey is the perfect staple to have as a standby when in doubt about to wear on top.

Headache Relief

Twig + Petal


I often carry all kinds of oils to rub or roll on, but this is the most important one in my arsenal as it soothes the pain of an unexpected headache.

Classic Lint Roller



My boyfriend knows I am crazy about getting lint off my clothes and found this mini portable version for me. I dont leave the house without it.

Mini Laila Hoops



These are the ideal everyday earring—simple and small—but more interesting than the ubiquitous hoop.


Shop Jade's Fashion Week Must Haves

Highlighter + Balm

Pat McGrath


A Pat McGrath Labs highlighter and balm duo is always in my bag. It gives me an instant dewy and healthy glow.

Baby Lips Balm



Baby Lips in Cherry gives my lips a natural tint of red, plus I don't have to the worry about lipstick smudges.

Dot 02

Lula Pace


An oversized pair of sunglasses is great for hiding from the sun and all of the camera flashes. I'm really obsessed with this new LA-based brand Lula Pace.

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