Manchin Says He Wouldnt Support Sanders Against Trump in 2020 Race

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) said he wont vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) if the socialist candidate becomes the Democratic presidential nominee.

During an appearance on Fox News late Oct. 30, Manchin was asked if he supports Sanderss proposed government takeover of the healthcare industry, or Medicare for All.

“Absolutely not,” Manchin said, before saying Sanders had brought up ideas that provoked discussions.

“I think Bernie brings a lot to the table. But its not practical where I come from,” Manchin said. “Bernie keeps saying Medicare for All. Bernie, we cant even pay for Medicare-for-some. I said, right now, the trust fund is going to go broke by 2026. … Now you want to expand it, and what happens?”

Host Neil Cavuto asked Manchin who hed vote for if the matchup was ultimately Sanders versus President Donald Trump.

“Well, it wouldnt be Bernie,” Manchin said.

Does that mean hed vote for Trump?

“Lets just say Im going to make decisions based on whats best for my country and my state,” the senator responded.

Manchins comments came after Sanders, 78, claimed Manchin and another moderate Democrat, Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) would support his agenda if he were the Democratic nominee.

“Even if you get elected, even if its successful to the point that Democrats win a small majority in the Senate, is Joe Manchin going to vote for your program? Is Jon Tester going to vote for your program?” reporter John Harwood asked Sanders.

“Yeah. Damn right they will. You know why? Were going to go to West Virginia,” Sanders said. “Your average politician sits around and he or she thinks: Lets see. If I do this, Im going to have the big money interests putting 30-second ads against me. So Id better not do it. But now theyre going to have to think, If I dont support an agenda that works for working people, Im going to have President Sanders coming to my state and rallying working class people.'”

Manchin, 72, has consistently broken from party lines during Trumps presidency, including some efforts toRead More – Source

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