Hunter Biden Wants Financial Records Kept Secret in Child Support Suit: Report

Former Vice President Joe Bidens son Hunter Biden reportedly wants all of his financial records kept secret.

Biden, 49, requested a Protective Order for his financial records in the Arkansas Circuit Court of Independence, according to a copy obtained by the Daily Mail, arguing that his financial information would be used “maliciously” by media outlets if it was made public.

“The likelihood that [Bidens] private records will be used in an inappropriate or malicious manner for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with these proceedings is exceedingly high and should not be tolerated by the court,” the filing stated.

Disclosures of financial info would cause Biden “undue prejudice, annoyance, embarrassment, and/or oppression.”

“Due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the parties involved in this matter, it is in the interest of justice and necessary for a Protective Order to be in place,” Dustin McDaniel, one of Bidens attorneys, wrote in the filing.

Biden said in a statement in the filing that he hasnt been able to complete an affidavit of his financial situation—which was required by the court—because he hasnt had a job since May and because hes incurred “significant debts” partially stemming from his April 2017 divorce to Kathleen Biden. Those debts are still being calculated.

If the order is granted, any documents dealing with the finances of Biden or the mother of his child, Lunden Alexis Roberts, would be destroyed after being filed under seal and any digital copies would need to be placed under encryption.

Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden attend an NCAA basketball game between Georgetown University and Duke University in Washington on Jan. 30, 2010. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Biden agreed to take a DNA test last month, months after Roberts claimed he was the father of her child. The DNA test showed “with scientific certainty” that Biden is the father of the girl, who was conceived while he was still married, according to a Nov. 20 court filing obtained by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Biden “is not expected to challenge the results of the DNA test or the testing process,” theRead More – Source

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