Biden Makes Comeback on Super Tuesday but Sanders Takes California

Democratic candidate Joe Biden proved to be victorious across a half dozen southern states holding contests on Super Tuesday, just days after his campaign appeared to be in serious trouble.

The former vice president won a majority in states across the South, Midwest, and New England as Americans in 14 states voted for a Democratic challenger to Republican President Donald Trump in the Nov. 3 election.

Biden grabbed highly significant victories in Virginia, North Carolina, and Alabama, adding to his wins across Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. He also took Minnesota despite being third in the polls until Amy Klobuchar dropped out on Sunday. She endorsed Biden on Monday.

The democratic nominee also dealt a humiliating blow to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) in her home state of Massachusetts, with initial results showing Biden with nearly 34 percent of the states vote, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in second with about 27 percent, and Warren trailing behind in third with roughly 20 percent.

But Warren appeared set on remaining in the race, introducing herself to supporters in Detroit ahead of next weeks Michigan primary as “the woman whos going to beat Donald Trump.” She encouraged supporters to tune out the results and vote for the person they believed would be the best president, saying, “Prediction has been a terrible business and the pundits have gotten it wrong over and over.”

“You dont get what you dont fight for. I am in this fight,” she added.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders seized perhaps the biggest victory of the night in California, according to Associated Press projections. His campaign filed an emergency injunction asking for polls in Los Angeles County to remain open an extra two hours, after reports of huge delays and long lines, Reuters reported.

According to the injunction, “multiple polling Read More – Source

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