President Trump Announces Extension of Real ID Compliance Date

President Donald Trump confirmed that his Administration will extend the deadline for States to comply with the Real ID security requirements. The president told reporters that because of the social distancing requirements initiated to combat the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, citizens cannot be standing in lines at the DMV.

“Im also announcing that were postponing the deadline for compliance with REAL ID requirements. At a time when were asking Americans to maintain social distancing, we do [not] want to require people to go with their local DMV. We will be announcing the new deadline very soon.”

The Real ID Act was a security measure that was enacted after 9/11 and requires basic and uniform standards for how licenses are issued across the United States and Federal agencies cannot accept “for certain purposes drivers licenses and identification cards from states not meeting the Acts minimum standards.”

The Department of Homeland Security previously set Oct. 1, 2020, as the date travelers had to have the Real ID, but has not yet announced the new compliance date.

The United States Travel Associations issued a statement Monday applauding the Trump administrations decision to postpone the Real ID deadline.

“The already difficult task of bringing the country closer to REAL ID compliance is now clearly impossible due to the coronavirus crisis. Clearly the administration understands that the economic damage of coronavirus is already massive, and as we move toward a recovery phase it would be terrible if the REAL ID deadline hits and creates yet another obstacle to people traveling. To get this economy moving again, people need to be able to move again.”

Senator Jon Tester (R-Mo.) also voiced his support the Real ID extension.

Montanans should be worried about keeping their families healthy, not standing in line at the DMV to fill out government paperwork,” Tester said. “This measure will help slow the spread of the coronavirus and ensure Montanans remain compliant with the law while keeping Montana families safe.”

U.S. Travel Association further clarified why the extension is necessary, as citizens anxieties about the CCP virus make staying healthy a priority, not standing in line at their local DMV.

“As of October 2019, an estimated 99 million Americans do not have a REAL ID-compliant drivers license or anRead More – Source

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