Churches to Livestream Services, Premier Gives Easter Bunny Special Eggs-Emption Amid Pandemic

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on April 3 that churches would be considered places of work for Easter and religious services, which means more than two people would be allowed, as long as social distancing rules are followed. This provides churches with clarity, allowing them to carry on with plans to live-stream Easter services.

Classifying places of worship as “workplaces” ensures that religious services, including on Easter, remain open to congregations.

“Theyll be able to do that respecting absolutely the four square meters per person rule that applies in those workplaces,” Morrison said in a televised media conference.

He clarified to say the rules do not mean churches were open to the public, but it would allow people who are presenting and conducting the services for live-streams to do so, so the community can access them remotely.

“Churches are not open, places of worship are not open,” Morrison said.

Australias largest Cathedral, St. Marys in Sydney, and several other churches in the diocese will live-stream masses and prayer services. Theyve invited worshipers to participate either via live stream or by watching later on social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook.

Families are encouraged to participate in the same way as they would a live service, such as dressing appropriately, avoiding eating or drinking in the same room, and ensuring their seating is as respectful as possible.

“This Easter will be at home. People should not be getting in their cars and going to other places,” Morrison said.

What about the Easter Bunny then?

In response to 9-year-old Taylahs question about whether the Easter Bunny will be doing its egg deliveries, WA Premier Mark McGowan gave the Bunny an “eggs-emption”:


Yesterday, I received a letter from Taylah, who is nine years old and lives in Thornlie.

Taylah asks:

"Will the Easter Bunny be able to come to WA this year?"

Well Taylah, I have some very important news:Read More – Source

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