Before and after images from space show destruction from Easter weekend tornadoes

New satellite images show the mass devastation caused by some of the deadly tornadoes that struck Sunday. Across Southern Mississippi, two long-track tornadoes ran almost parallel tracks. When compared to just days before, you can see the vegetation stripped bare, leaving two visible scars from space. The longer track, the National Weather Service is giving a preliminary rating of EF-4 with estimated winds of 166 to 200 mph. The scale only goes to five. The shorter path has an initial evaluation of EF-3, (estimated winds of 136-165 mph). When zooming into the longer track tornado, you can see some of the structures in Seminary, Mississippi, that were destroyed. The NWS gives EF-4 damage ranking when they find that well-constructed homes are leveled. In an even more zoomed-in view, you can see how these buildings, including the houses, were swept off their foundation. As the storm system moved east, more tornadoes touched down across the region. One tornado hit the more populous area of Chattanooga, TN. These images out of Chattanooga give a clear indication of what a tornado can do to a neighborhood. The damage here has been given a preliminary ranking of EF-3. This ranking is given when entire stoRead More – Source

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