BBC News host savages Labour chief’s dithering

BBC News host Labour chief’s demanded Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds clearly outline whether her party is opposed to or supports Boris Johnson’s latest coronavirus move.

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme host Justin Webb grilled Labour MP Anneliese Dodds for her party’s lack of clarity regarding their stance on the new travel quarantine measure. As of June 8, all individuals travelling into the UK from abroad must go into self-isolation for 14 days in hopes of stopping the spread of coronavirus. During a tense row on the Today Programme this morning, Mr Webb repeatedly asked Ms Dodds whether the Labour Party supported or opposed the idea.

Mr Webb said: “We heard from the boss of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, that quarantine that is starting today is going to lead to job losses.

“Does Labour support or oppose the quarantine?”

Ms Dodds explained the Labour Party were in talks with the Government regarding the next steps, but she failed to give a clear indication of whether her party supported it.

She replied: “We have been asking Government, for a very long time, what has been happening around quarantine.

“We didn’t see it imposed early on as we have in other countries and we have been saying to Government what is this approach based on.

“There is clearly the impact on aviation and tourism but there is also the question of how effective this would be.”

The Radio 4 host added Mr O’Leary claimed it would not be effective at all and questioned the Labour MP again whether her party supported or opposed its implementation.

She replied: “We can’t oppose the principle of something we have asked the Government to look at for a long time.

“We were calling for Government to consider quarantine for the longtime, right now we need to understand the strategy.”

Mr Webb interrupted to insist the Labour Party tell the UK Government could be more assertive and tell Boris Johnson the travel quarantine idea should not be implemented right now.

Ms Dodds replied: “We have said to them why are you proceeding without looking at alternatives.

“Why aren’t you looking at proper testing, tracking and tracing of those that come into our country?”

Mr Webb pressed further and asked: “So you don’t want it to happen?

“The quarantine measures that are starting today, you think are a mistake?”

The Labour MP denied this and claimed the Government had told the Party they were making this coronavirus decision based on scientific evidence.

She said: “Oh no, I have just said to you the Government has said to us that they have the evidence to back up their approach.

“But the Labour Party has not seen that evidence and we have not seen why they are not using more expansive test, track and trace.

“We really just don’t understand why this approach is being taken.”


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