Piers Morgan outrages GMB viewers after disrespectful Boris jibe ‘Scraping the barrel’

PIERS MORGAN infuriated Good Morning Britain viewers earlier today when he took a huge swipe at Boris Johnson’s appearance. It came after the Prime Minister addressed the Black Lives Matter Protests during a press conference to the nation yesterday, but the host was too focused on Johnson’s hair rather than his speech.

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan hit out at the Prime Ministers appearance during todays show as they discussed his Black Lives Matter speech which he gave to the nation yesterday afternoon. Those watching at home saw Morgan question why Johnson wasnt able to get a loved one to cut his hair for him during lockdown. The controversial presenter compared Johnson to “Worzel Gummidge” and ITV viewers werent happy, taking to Twitter and blasting the host.

Morgan remarked: “Do you know what I thought the problem was with that video? Perfect seriously subject matter obviously, in fact, because its a serious subject matter, what is going on with the Prime Minister’s hair?

“I know it may seem very trivial, but the rest of us, our wives, our partners, people we’re with, have bothered to get the scissors out and give us a little trim.

“Having the Prime Minister coming out like Worzel Gummidge and I was told by sources close to the Prime Minister that he hasn’t seen a barber since early March, he has really fine hair and apparently brushing doesn’t really tame it.

“It’s not disrespectful, it’s because hairdressers aren’t open till July, well that’s fine but someone in that house must be able to trim it.”

“Carrie? Carrie Symonds? Could she do it?” Morgan continued.

“Carries a little distracted at the moment,” replied Reid as she defended the new parent.

“It takes ten minutes!” Morgan insisted. “I don’t want the Prime Minister of this country to look like Worzel Gummidge, and I don’t really buy the thin hair brushing thing.

“Because when he bothers to brush it, it looks quite kept, we’ve seen that over the past few weeks,” GMB viewers Morgan argue.

“Some days he just cant be bothered and Ive actually seen him at parties deliberately ruffling to create the Boris look,” Morgan added.

“Its part of his look, isnt it?” Susanna agreed but Morgan continued to slam the Prime Minister.

“I just think its disrespectful when youre talking about serious stuff, you wouldnt see any other world leader just come out like Worzel Gummidge, would you?” Morgan asked.

“Theyd bother to brush their hair, I know in the general scheme of things its a very small little thing but I actually think appearances matter when youre a world leader.”

ITV viewers were furious with Morgan and one said on Twitter: “@piersmorgan #GMB Oh for goodness sake you are scraping the barrel now with your comment about Boris hair. He was talking about a serious issue and instead of agreeing with him you moan about his hair REALLY !! Get a grip man.”

“Boris Johnson is constantly slagged off by Piers Morgan for not going onto #GMB to face the music. And when he does, Piers decides to make it all about his hair. Theyll definitely be rushing back for an interview,” another said.

“Omg you lot have really sunk to a different level if he had his haircut you would have said how can he get his haircut #PiersMorgan #gmb,” a third wrote.

“Oh for god sake leave Boris alone, Piers this is sounding petty #GMB,” someone else shared.

But some enjoyed his comments as one tweeted: “Hahahaha you are right Mr Morgan, he looks horrendous, same like Trump.”

“All these w*****s having a go at @piersmorgan for comparing @BorisJohnson’s hair to Worzel Gummidge, have no problem insulting @jeremycorbyn’s looks. F****g hypocrites. #GMB,” another shared.

“#gmb Loving Piers and Susanna’s ‘no f**ks given’ attitude – “We’ve gone lower than that – we’ve had Ofcom…” PMSL – that’s the spirit,” a third wrote.


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