Former Brexit Party MEP exposes cunning EU deception it tried to hide

FORMER Brexit Party MEP Jake Pugh exposed the consistent deception and misleading tactics of the EU to move closer to a federalist state over the years.

Eurosceptic Jake Pugh attacked the European Union for their cunning attitudes regarding making the bloc more federalist. While speaking to Brexit Watch on Youtube, Mr Pugh explained how the EU would tactfully move closer to becoming the United States of Europe while denying it had this long-term goal planned. The former Brexit Party MEP insisted Brussels has also attempted to compare itself to the US as a way of covertly moving towards a more federalist system, despite there being no real comparison.

Mr Pugh said: “I do actually think, a federalist position is a more honourable position than trying to arrive at that position by deceit.

“Personally I think that is where a lot of people are at.”

Mr Pugh commended Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt for his dedication to wanting a United States of Europe despite firmly disagreeing with him.

Mr Pugh said: “With Verhofstadt, I don’t agree with anything he says, but at least he is taking a position of principle.

“I think one of the fundamental deceptions of the EU is it has always been represented as being exactly the same as the United States of America.

“It is clever, albeit simplistic, deception.

“This is because there is no comparison between the two, it is just a straight-up lie to say there are parallels.”

Mr Pugh added he believed the inherent structure of the EU allowed it to continuously fail and then transition to a more federalist state.

He argued this was a clear deception as the EU was not being forthcoming with their overall longterm intentions.

He continued: ” I’m reading a brilliant book by Ashoka Modi called the Eurotragedy and there is this concept of falling forward.

“The EU never actually being honest about federalist aims and put those to the test via an election or whatever it happens to be.

“Every time people rejected it we almost create something that we know has inherent flaws.

“So when the next problem arises, we then stumble forward into a more federal structure.”

“In my opinion, it is an unbelievable deceit.

“Whatever I thought about the anti-democratic structures of the European Union, it is absolutely worse than I thought.”


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