Drilling is continuing apace at Newrange Golds Pamlico project in Nevada, where the upside could be huge

How much disruption has the coronavirus caused to the mining industry in Nevada?

It depends who you ask, of course, but Newrange Gold Corp (CVE:NRG) is certainly demonstrating that its been possible to keep going with meaningful work on the ground.

“The area were working in in Mineral County is fairly sparsely populated,” says chief executive Bob Archer.

“At the start of the crisis we had a small team out doing underground sampling. They live locally, in nearby Hawthorne, so they were able to keep the work on track.”

Then, late in May, when the world at least seemed to have got the measure of the virus, if not exactly dealt with it, the company initiated a drill programme, which is still ongoing, with the crew living in a hotel and getting takeaway from restaurants.

The aim is to see whether all the old, but disparate workings on Newranges Pamlico project are actually joined up in some way.

“We have a series of little high-grade mines on these hills and we dont know how theyre connected,” says Archer.

“Ultimately they may or may not have been connected, but clearly theyre related, and we want to better to understand the trends that underly the mineralization – whether theyre following Walker Lane or Pancake Range or if its something in the intersection of the two.”

In any jurisdiction other than Nevada, the discovery of Walker Lane would have been the standout exploration event in its history, given how well endowed with mineralization and indeed mines it is.

But this is Nevada, where the Carlin Trend bends to the east and north of Walker Lane, and Carlin in all truth can make a claim to being the most famous gold-bearing trend in the world.

So, to some degree at least, Walker Lane has been overshadowed. But, nevertheless, it hosts several richly endowed and producing mines, including Comstock, Goldfield, Tonopah and Round Mountain, as well as, of course, myriad historical workings dotted all around the area.

To date, indeed Walker Lane has accounted for nearly 54mln ounces in gold production and 519mln ounces of silver. So its a pretty good address for any gold exploration company with aspirations for making big discoveries, and Newrange is confident that theres plenty of potential on its own ground at Pamlico.

That the mineralization could be controlled by the intersection of the northwest-southeast Walker Lane Trend by the east-west trending Pancake Range Lineament opens up all sorts of possibilities, which the drilling is now investigating.

“The primary goal is to get a better understanding of the controls and the continuity of the mineralization,” says Archer.

So, were the mines that the old timers were able to dig out part of the wider Walker Lane structure, part of a structure related to Pancake Range, or of a complex intermingling of the two? Without the modern exploration techniques that Newrange is able to deploy, all they could see in those days was a set of separate shallow occurrences of rich mineralization.

“What were seeing is that there does seem to be a north-south trend to the workings and so perhaps the mineralization,” says Archer.

“Thats a different orientation to Walker Lane and Pancake Range and so it could reflect the intersection of the two.”

Separately, but not unrelatedly, the company has also been working with induced polarization data, which shows a large anomaly at a depth of around 300 metres and several of what Archer calls “fingers” running up off it. One of these fingers runs right up to where Newrange drilled a high-grade intercept at the end of an adit in 2017. Another goes up to an old mine called Gold Bar.

Given all this disparate but apparently connected information, the plan is to drill up to 10,000 metres across the area, and start to try to piece the whole thing together.

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