Oncimmune rises after its lung cancer test is featured on ITV News report

Oncimmune Holdings PLC (LON:ONC) has noted that its EarlyCDT Lung blood test was featured last week on an ITV News broadcast.

The news feature highlighted that more than 35,000 people die of lung cancer each year in the UK, and the lives of many of those could have been saved had the cancer been diagnosed earlier.

It noted that Oncimmune's new lung cancer blood test enables lung cancer to be detected early, thus giving clinicians a better shot at combatting the condition.

The ITV news report concluded by saying that "the test has been recommended for use in the NHS and, if given full approval, many more patients could benefit from screening for this deadly disease."

"We are delighted that Oncimmune's EarlyCDT Lung blood test has received such international publicity. The benefits oRead More – Source

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