Former Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele Joins Anti-Trump Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project brought former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele on board this week, just a few days after losing George Conway.

Steele, an MSNBC political analyst, will be a senior adviser to the political action committee, which is vociferously opposed to Republican President Donald Trump.

Steele said he has witnessed Trump “devolve into preying upon our fears and resentments with a narcissism that nurtures only chaos and confusion.”

“Leadership is needed now more than ever and I am proudly committed to resetting the course of our nation, standing once again for the future of my Party; and working with The Lincoln Project to help restore the purpose for sitting in that chair,” he added in a statement.

Rick Wilson, who co-founded the group, called Steele a “singularly insightful and effective political leader.”

“Diverse voices are central to The Lincoln Project movement. There is no future for Conservatism if we do not elevate them. Michael Steele has been doing that his entire life and were excited to have him doing it with The Lincoln Project,” said Mike Madrid, another co-founder.

Conway, a third-co-founder, announced this week he was leaving the group to spend more time with his family. Conways wife, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, is also leaving her job.

Steele, 61, was the lieutenant governor of Maryland for four years until 2007 before becoming the Republican National Committee chair fromRead More From Source

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