China Insider Aug. 31: Names Exposed in CCPs Australian Thousand Talents Plan

A recent investigation done by Australian media revealed that the Chinese Communist Party is taking advantage of the loopholes of Australian laws. The CCP secretly recruited dozens of Australian top investigative scholars to join the “Thousand Talents Plan” or other recruitment programs. This news shocked the Australian government. Many federal members have called on the Australian Parliament to conduct an investigation.

On August 24, The Australian, a broadsheet newspaper published in Australia, revealed a list of 32 scientists, including four non-Chinese scientists, who were recruited by the CCP into the “Thousand Talents Plan” and other similar recruitment programs with high salaries. The research of these scholars covers highly sophisticated fields such as Artificial Intelligence and quantum technology. They are from the top Australian universities and research institutions. While being employed in Australia, they frequently returned to China and applied for patents in China. Some of them have as many as 30 patents.

Li Yuanhua, former associate professor at Capital Normal University, said: “For instance, there are at least five people from the University of New South WaleRead More – Source

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