McCarthy Says No to Potential Chamber of Commerce Endorsement, Claiming Theyve Sold Out

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told Fox News on Thursday he does not want an endorsement from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC) after reports that the worlds largest business organization is planning to back nearly two dozen freshman Democrats.

While the USCC has yet to release its full list of official endorsements for this election cycle, Neil Bradley, the Chambers executive vice president, confirmed in a tweet that the organization was backing 23 first-term Democrats. He explained the USCC selects candidates in a non-partisan fashion, based on scorecards.

“While some focus on @USChamber endorsing 23 freshmen Ds, take note, Chamber also just endorsed GOP challengers to 4 freshmen Ds b/c they were below 70 [percent] on scorecard & challengers earned endorsement,” he wrote. Bradley also released a list of 29 Republican freshmen the USCC is endorsing.

McCarthy claimed the USCCs endorsements of Democrats was hypocritical.

“I dont want the U.S. Chambers endorsement because they have sold out,” McCarthy said, in an interview with Lou Dobbs. “It is hypocrisy that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce would endorse the Democrats that are part of this socialist agenda that is driving this country out, and its fighting this president.”

In a recent interview with The Hill, Bradley further explained the USCCs rationale for its decisions to back certain candidates.

“The Chamber conducts its endorsements of incumbents based on the voting record the incumbent has and how often they voted on the Chambers priorities,” Bradley, the Chambers executive vice president and chief policy officer, told The Hill in a recent interview.

In rejecting the USCCs prospective support, McCarthy cited partisan efforts to impeach President Donald Trump, and touted the Republican leaders track record on policy.

“Remember, these are the people who voted for impeachment, when this president has done so much for this nation,” McCarthy told Dobbs. “You know it, Lou. You show it every single day, built us the strongest economy ever, rebuilt our military, got criminal justice reform. And hes going to do all of this again.”

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