New Hampshire Man Arrested for Voting Twice in 2016 Election

A 65-year-old New Hampshire resident was arrested on Thursday for voting twice during the 2016 election, authorities said.

Vincent Marzello of West Lebanon was charged with a felony for violating state law against voter fraud and wrongful voting.

Marzello voted once under his own name and once as Helen Elisabeth Ashley, New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonalds office said.

Marzello is facing civil action for allegedly applying for and obtaining a ballot by using Ashleys name.

The New Hampshire Democratic Party had appointed Ashley as an inspector of election. The appointment was suspended on Aug. 27.

“After we were made aware that an individual who previously was appointed as a ballot inspector may have been involved in a pending investigation, we suspended the individuals ballot inspector status,” a spokesperson for the party told The Epoch Times via email.

“New Hampshires Inspectors of Election are held to the highest standards, as they share responsibility for preserving the integrity of our elections. It has come to our attention that you may be involved in a pending investigation, and as such we are suspending your appointment effective immediately pending resolution of the investigation,” Ray Buckley, chair of the party, wrote in the suspension letter.

Project Veritas, a watchdog group, released video footage it said showed Marzello admitting to illegally voting twice.

“I got in trouble because I voted twice and the cops found out because I went to get the voter ID,” he said.

James OKeefe, the groups CEO, said New Hampshire State Police launched an investigation in August 2019 and delivered the case file to MacDonalds office three months later.

“Only after Project Veritas filmed Vincent Marzello, did it come to light the State Police reported the case to the AGs office nearly a year ago. It appears while simultaneously cooperating with the state Democratic Party to save face for appointing an admitted double voter, as an election inspector, the AGs office refused to prosecute until Project Veritas forced their hand by storming their office yesterday,” OKeefe said in a statement.

“The arrest of Marzello is a direct result of a Project Veritas investigation. Why does the AGs office wait until Project Veritas investigates to act on fraudulent behavior?”

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