Biden Rejects Federal Mask Mandate Over Constitutional Issue

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, in an interview on Sunday, reversed his earlier stance on imposing a federal mask-wearing mandate, saying that if he were to win the race for the White House, he wouldnt force Americans to don facial coverings because he thinks such an order would likely violate the constitution.

Biden told AZFamilys “Politics Unplugged” that using executive authority to mandate nationwide mask-wearing would likely be unconstitutional and that, instead, he would try to persuade Americans to wear masks by laying out a national standard and setting an example by covering his face when out in public.

“Heres the deal, the federal government—theres a constitutional issue whether federal government could issue such a mandate. I dont think constitutionally they could, so I wouldnt issue a mandate,” Biden said.

“But I plead with … I carry my mask with me everywhere I go. I set an example,” he added.

Bidens remarks on Sunday represent a departure from his earlier position, when he said he favored a federal mask mandate.

“Well have a national mandate to wear a mask—not as a burden, but to protect each other,” Biden said on the last night of the Democratic National Convention, during his nomination acceptance speech. “Its a patriotic duty.”

It follows earlier statements, when Biden said governors need to implement mask mandates for the next three months, claiming the move would save the lives of 40,000 Americans.

“Every single American should be wearing a mask when theyre outside for the next three months as a minimum,” he told reporters at a press conference. He said the mandate would “get our kids back to school sooner than later” and would “get our businesses back long-term.”

“Protect your fellow citizens. Step up. Do the right thing,” he said. To date, over 189,000 people have died of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus in the United States, while 6.2 million have tested positive for the potentially deadly bug.

Democratic vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, in an interview with CNN on Sunday, reinforced Bidens pivot by saying that pitching mask-wearing to Americans would not take the form of a binding order, but federal guidance.

“The Biden-Harris position on this is that leaders must lead. And one of the ways leaders lead is they set standards,” Harris said.

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